Here you will find answers to any questions you may have about our service!


    My children attend a school that doesn’t offer Yay Lunch. How can I get Yay Lunch in our school?

    You can request your school here!

    How do deliveries work?

    Yay Lunch delivers lunches from local vendors directly to schools. Each lunch is labeled with your child’s name, grade, and teacher. Our Brand Ambassadors deliver meals in insulated carriers so lunches stay warm and fresh.

    When are lunches delivered to schools?

    Exact delivery times vary with each school’s lunch schedule. We work with each school to coordinate a delivery window within 15 minutes of the beginning of the lunch period.

    Can I order lunches for pick up or home delivery?

    Not at the moment. Our service currently only delivers to schools.   If you’d like Yay Lunch in your school, let us know!

    Do you guys have a subscription?

    Nope! We know that kids can be picky and your life is hectic so we wanted to make it as easy and flexible as possible for you to order lunches whenever you’d like.

    Do lunches come with napkins + utensils?

    All lunches come with disposable napkins + utensils.

    I’m a faculty or staff member. Could I order lunch?

    Absolutely! Just register yourself as the luncher and select ‘Fac/Staff’ as your grade. When curating our menus we always include meals that would satisfy faculty or staff like salads, wraps + more!

    How do I permanently close my Yay Lunch account?

    We're sad to see you go! You can permanently delete your account under "My Account".

    Are you hiring?

    Thanks for your interest! We’re always looking for talented team members, so check out our Careers page for current openings.

    What safety measures are you implementing for COVID-19?

    Your safety is our top priority. In addition to all of our lunches being individually packaged, we’ve added extra safety + cleanliness measures as well as contactless and classroom delivery options. See full details on our Food Safety page.

    What is the best way to contact you?

    For customers, the best way to get in touch with us is through email ( For schools, please login to your School Portal or refer to your Contact Card for the best person to reach out to.

    Do you have an app?

    Stay tuned…


    What are the ‘fresh fruit’ or ‘seasonal vegetable’ sides?

    Yay Lunch and our vendor partners strive to source produce seasonally, thus the provided fruit is subject to change. Your lunch may have apples in the fall, broccoli in the winter, and strawberries in the spring.

    Where can I find nutritional information?

    When looking for Restaurant Partners, we always make sure they value fresh ingredients as much as we do. That includes sourcing ingredients locally, using seasonal offerings, and making sure everything is made fresh daily. For specific nutritional information, please email

    Do lunches come with a drink?

    Lunches don’t automatically come with a drink, but some of our meals have an option to add a beverage.

    How big are the portions?

    We have something for everyone! But we know that luncher appetites vary, so we encourage you to experiment with different portion sizes and extras to create the perfectly portioned meal for your luncher.

    How do you handle food sensitivities?

    Our menus are always peanut and shellfish-free, and you'll find a wide variety of gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free and vegetarian lunch options across our menus. However, at this time, we cannot guarantee that prep surfaces, equipment and utensils will be 100% free of allergens. Should you have specific allergy-related questions,  please feel free to email us at


    I’ve selected meals. How do I checkout?

    After you’ve selected your lunches, be sure to click the “Save My Lunches” button at the top of your Lunch Calendar. All orders for the next school week need to be submitted no later than Saturday at midnight. Then, we’ll bill you the total of your weekly order on Saturday before your scheduled week of lunches. For example, if you schedule lunches for Monday the 10th and Wednesday the 12th, you will be billed for these lunches on Saturday the 8th.

    What about snow days and unplanned school closures?

    We maintain direct communication with your schools to stay on top of any closures. During a closure, all lunch orders will be canceled and refunded.

    What happens when my school has days off and or on holidays?

    Yay Lunch mirrors each individual school’s calendar. Holidays and breaks are blocked out ahead of time, so there’s no chance of any accidental orders!

    My child is sick or has an unplanned absence and I need to cancel lunch for the day. How do I do that?

    Please email ( us as soon as you can and we will do our best to accommodate.

    How does billing work?

    The credit or debit card on your account will be charged every Saturday at midnight, when orders lock in for the following week.

    When is the cutoff for ordering + choosing weekly lunches?

    All orders for the upcoming school week must be confirmed by midnight on Saturday to guarantee delivery.  We send you weekly email reminders.  Remember, you can schedule lunches for the rest of the semester!

    Can I pause lunch orders or skip a week?

    Sure can! Simply leave the days you do not want lunch delivered blank on your lunch calendar. You can use our service every day or just when you need a break from your busy schedule.

    Can I change my orders?

    You can make as many changes to your lunch calendar as you’d like up until midnight on Saturday when orders lock for the following week.

    Can I cancel my order after the deadline?

    The deadline for placing an order is midnight on Saturday. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate late requests. All changes/cancellations must be submitted before the deadline to ensure you are not charged. For more specific order inquiries, please email us at

    How do refunds work?

    Payment for orders are processed weekly, after orders are delivered. In most cases, we can credit your account and that credit will be reflected in the upcoming charge. For more assistance with refunds, email us at

    My child will be out of school due to a COVID exposure? How can I cancel my orders?

    We are in constant communication with our school partners. When a school, grade, or class closure occurs in this situation, school partners are responsible for notifying us of the impacted customers and their expected return dates. We cancel all orders and send you a confirmation email. We encourage you to reach out as well on your own. You can notify us at Additionally, if your child's meals are mistakenly canceled, we ask that you promptly notify us at and we'll do our very best to restore meal delivery as soon as possible.


    How do I use a promo code with my order?

    Once you’ve selected your luncher’s meals, be sure to click “CONFIRM” in the top right of your screen. From there, you’ll be able to review your order and select “Add promo code,” located below the CONFIRM button. Enter the code and hit “APPLY” before completing your order confirmation.

    I already placed my order for next week. Can I still apply a promo code?

    Yes, you can apply a valid promo code until the order window closes Saturday at midnight! Open the Lunch Calendar and find your weekly total, then click “details.” From there, you can select “Add promo code” to apply a promo code to your order. Don’t forget to click “CONFIRM”!

    I have repeat orders set for the week. Can I still apply a promo code?

    Yes, you can apply a valid promo code until the order window closes Saturday at midnight! Open the Lunch Calendar and find your weekly total, then click “details.” From there, you can select “Add promo code” to apply a promo code to your order. Don’t forget to click “CONFIRM”!

    My promo code isn’t working. What should I do?

    Reference the FAQs above to confirm that you’ve applied the promo code correctly. If you’re still having an issue, please reach out to our Customer Service team at and they will gladly assist.

    For all other questions please reach out!

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